Reintroducing beloved product forms

Zicam®, a leading provider of over-the-counter homeopathic cold shortening, allergy relief and allopathic nasal congestion products, was battling negative perceptions from a voluntary recall of its cold remedy nasal products in 2009. Building on the successful relaunch of its nasal cold remedy spray in the 2014/2015 cold season, Zicam relaunched its most unique cold shortening form, nasal swabs, during the 2015/2016 cold season. With these new nasal products in distribution, Zicam was ready to re-enter the marketplace with a refreshed brand narrative and execute a buzz-worthy campaign to drive positive coverage and purchase consideration in the crowded cold remedy aisle.

The Challenge

Re-enter the marketplace with reformulated products after a voluntary recall, with a refreshed brand narrative.

The Strategy

Reintroduce the new product positioning as a core component of health and wellness regimens.

The Execution

KWT Global developed an omni-channel program that engaged health expert Dr. Holly Lucille and YouTube music video sensation Tyler Ward to act as brand advocates, host media tours and events and create unique content through a digital partnership with USA Today.

The Results

Program garnered more than 31 million media impressions. Despite cold incidences being down over 12% versus the prior year, sales of Zicam products rocketed upward with an increase in dollar consumption of over 27% and an over 23% increase in Zicam unit sales. Additionally, the reformulated nasal swabs were tracked as the third most popular new item launched in the Adult Cold category.