All Aboard the Railside Tour

Sleeman is the third-largest brewer in Canada's highly competitive beer industry. A brand steeped in history and rooted in craft brewing, Sleeman has built a dedicated fan base of sophisticated consumers.

The Challenge

In 2016, Sleeman retained KWT Global to launch its latest beer, Railside Session Ale. The company challenged KWT Global to use this launch as an opportunity to engage a younger, more urban target and expand its visibility across the country.

The Strategy

Our strategy was simple - encourage the target demographic to create and share content promoting the beer to generate awareness, build equity and drive trial.

The Execution

We developed a suite of content and assets to support the launch of the beer, challenging fans to share via social channels to become brand representatives. Reps went on a tour of the country, coordinating bar visits, tastings, special giveaways, events and participation in local activities.

The Results

The Sleeman Railside Tour is lauded as the brand's most successful launch campaign to date, with 100+ applications,  more than 1 million promotional video views and the most visited page on the Sleeman site.