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United Kingdom

Creating a digital toolkit

The Challenge

Bed Bug is a line of business that Rentokil recognised was rapidly growing, however, didn’t have assets that enabled them to confidently go to market or position themselves as thought leaders.

The Strategy

Applying design thinking to the manifest challenge facing Rentokil: refresh a sales toolkit for hoteliers on bed bug solutions – we arrived at a latent need: educate hoteliers on the cost and repetitional risk not taking quick action.

The Execution

We created a call to action led campaign called ‘Be Bed Bug Aware’ that modernised how Rentokil approached hoteliers that positioned them as advisors and thought leaders in the industry.

The Results

A digital toolkit for Sales and Marketing was designed using London’s digital capabilities and content studio to develop a brochure, infographic, blog series and supporting social media plan to bring the campaign to life.