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Park Place Technologies


Establishing a UK voice for a high-growth US business

The Challenge

As one of the world’s fastest-growing and acquisitive companies in data centre maintenance, Park Place Technologies has one global comms mission: being first choice for Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) amongst IT managers and channel partners around the world. Based in Cleveland, USA, Park Place had a low profile in the UK, especially with target business and technology influencers.

The Strategy

Working alongside KWT New York as an integrated global communications team, KWT London helped Park Place to define a thought leadership approach for engaging with UK media and analysts for the first time.

The Execution

By consistently connecting TPM to mainstream news themes and focusing engagement efforts on a highly targeted list of influencers, we’ve built valuable relationships and driven quality coverage to support the company’s local sales and marketing objectives.

The Results

From a standing start, in less than 9 months we established meaningful relationships with well over half of Park Place's target media and influencers. 90% of all coverage is generated by top tier publications. Thanks to our work in consistently identifying local hot topics, the UK marketing team now has a bank of relevant, newsworthy thought leadership content which it leverages across multiple channels, including blogs and social channels.