Pantone x Airbnb


Connecting color and community in collaboration with Airbnb

The Challenge

KWT Global was challenged to create a deeper connection to Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year selection, 
Greenery — a symbol of the reconnection society seeks with nature, one another and a larger purpose.

The Strategy

Collaborate with Airbnb, timed to the launch of their likeminded “Trips” offering that allows travelers to book activities that immerse them in local communities. Amid a complex social 
and political landscape, the activation highlighted society’s need for connection, community and experience (complementary messages of Pantone Greenery and Airbnb Trips). We also would leverage Airbnb’s physical locations to lend a tangible dimension to experiencing the color.

The Execution

As an antidote to dreary January, an Airbnb apartment in London was transformed into the “Outside In” house, bringing Greenery to life through a first-of-its-kind experiential activation. Bringing natural greens from outside in, the Pantone-hosted home provided the setting for a series of Airbnb experiences for media, influencers and consumers alike; from food and drink to interiors and floral art, showcasing the power of connection within a magical, colorful space.

The Results

With an impressive wave of global coverage, bookable nights sold out immediately. 
The Outside In house successfully drove more travelers to explore Airbnb Trips, and Greenery became the most successful Pantone Color of the Year launch to that date, allowing the message of our need to connect in 2017 to resonate on a truly tangible level.