Orangetheory Fitness


Orange is the New Fit

Increased heart rates, heavy breathing and beads of sweat are sweeping the nation, and KWT Global would like to take a bit of the credit. In 2015, KWT Global began working with Orangetheory Fitness – one of the hottest, and fastest-growing boutique studio style gyms around, that combines workouts with wearable technology (to track heart rates).

The Challenge

Orangetheory Fitness began in Florida in 2010 and experienced overwhelmingly fast growth in the US, opening hundreds of studios within a few years. The brand was eager to achieve the same type of success, as they swept across Canada.

The Strategy

KWT Global’s approach to creating brand awareness for Orangetheory Fitness was rather simple: develop a multi-pronged media relations program that would first introduce the brand to Canadians, and then maintain the brand’s presence in the media on an ongoing basis.

The Execution

To achieve the program’s objectives KWT Global created a media relations program comprised of five key components that all laddered up to the same narrative that ‘Orangetheory Fitness offered a science-backed workout that uses heart rate monitors to help members achieve results.’ The communications components included 1) building a foundation, 2) media relations, 3) thought leadership 4) leverage local sponsorship and 5) studio launches.

The Results

Between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017, KWT Global generated 92 media mentions, and 56 million traditional media impressions for Orangetheory Fitness. All coverage included the appropriate Orangetheory brand key messages and narrative.