Transforming brand perception through inspirational storytelling

The IRONMAN brand, home to the world’s toughest single-day endurance events, strongly resonates with those who have crossed the finish line at one of its iconic global races. The drive to compete and the grit needed to prepare for such a grueling physical and mental test are unparalleled. But as the brand sought to expand its footprint amidst an increasingly crowded endurance landscape, it was challenged to empower a broader field of participants to take the plunge.

The Challenge

Transform brand reputation from attainable for some to accessible to many — ultimately inspiring a new, broader audience to toe the start line.

The Strategy

Leverage the influence and inspiration of past finishers – IRONMAN's single greatest recruitment driver – through a creative, ongoing storytelling campaign. Identify and amplify the most incredible stories of existing IRONMAN athletes, as well as IRONMAN's business momentum, through a high-impact media relations program.

The Execution

Generate a widespread drumbeat of coverage in mainstream lifestyle media through influential and inspiring athlete stories, alongside a business media blitz through dedicated feature stories.

The Results

KWT Global created resonance with a new breed of first-timers through strategic storytelling, contributing to a year-over-year increase in first-timer registrations – and most importantly, inspiring and empowering the next global generation of 'IRON' men and women.