Hisense at CES


Changing the Channel on "Made in China"

Hisense, China's largest television brand for over 13 years and the world's third-largest television manufacturer, set its eyes on the U.S. market in 2010. However, retailers and consumers initially dismissed the brand as just another Chinese fast-follower with basement prices and questionable quality.

The Challenge

The brand – seen as innovative and premium in its homeland – challenged KWT Global to elevate its perception among American consumers so that it could move beyond selling the cheapest TVs in the U.S., and introduce premium technology via U.S. retailers.

The Strategy

KWT Global's strategy was two-fold: open the doors wide, educating media, key opinion leaders and consumers about Hisense premium technology, while simultaneously elevating the brand's reputation.

The Execution

Leverage the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as a "coming out party" for the brand, hosting a media day to unveil products to over 200 journalists. Invite technology influencers on a first class trip to Hisense headquarters in Qingdao, China.

The Results

Hisense was featured in hundreds of placements and garnered over 2 billion media impressions, achieving a media share voice three times the size of its market size. Shifting perceptions were most evident in the sales results – for the first time, Hisense achieved distribution at every major consumer electronics retailer in the U.S.