Guided Therapy Systems

United Kingdom

The invisible scalpel

The Challenge

Launch the world’s first intense therapeutic ultrasound (ITU) device to the US, UK, France and Spain. Translate and communicate the complex scientific messaging to a mainstream audience.

The Strategy

Working with Guided Therapy Systems, we developed a messaging house that communicated the key feature of the cutting edge technology Actisound, a scalpel-free surgical alternative to conventional therapy. Based on clinical trial feedback that long recovery times and traumatic or painful treatments were the norms, we focused our attention on communicating the potential impact of a non-invasive treatment for the benefit of both patients and medical professionals. In the US, coverage preceded (pending) FSA approval where in the UK, France and Spain CE mark was approved.

The Execution

Launching the ‘Invisible Scalpel’ to trade and national press in European markets, we partnered with patients who had experienced the benefits of the technology first hand. Amplifying their stories, we also profiled the details of the medical professionals who had become early adopters in their markets. In the UK where there were no devices in operation, we partnered with media medic Dr Hilary Jones to leverage his credibility and influence.

The Results

Coverage spanning four countries in three different languages landed over 13 million impressions across the globe in under six months with a 60% conversion in dedicated medical press and a 95% key message delivery to help propel the device into the medical sector internationally. Following the launch, conversations with sales staff ensued in the NHS in England, Cemtro in Spain and L’ICP in France.