Extend Fertility

Launching the first practice 
dedicated to egg freezing

The Challenge

Now more than ever, women are looking to take control of their future, and are openly discussing a spectrum of issues including health, fertility and egg freezing. Even so, skepticism, confusion and financial barriers still exist. KWT Global was challenged to change the current conversation, educate young women about their options, and elevate the notion of choice and self-empowerment.

The Strategy

Lay the foundation by educating, informing, and building trust with reporters and potential patients. Open the doors to the egg freezing industry to show the proof of concept and encourage conversation. Make it personal and promote first-hand experiences.

The Execution

KWT Global seeded messaging with industry influencers and welcomed feedback to inform launch messaging and materials. We then took reporters through the patient experience and created content with influencers around the egg freezing journey, showing both the technical and emotionally empowering sides of the process.

The Results

Overwhelmingly positive sentiment, positioning Extend Fertility as the No. 1 purpose-built egg freezing clinic that has revolutionized the way women think about fertility.