We Make it Possible launch

The Challenge

Launch a global campaign aimed at transforming the animal nutrition and health industry in order to deliver sustainable solutions that will meet the needs of our rapidly growing population, within planetary boundaries.

The Strategy

We developed an integrated communications plan to help position DSM as a leader in the animal nutrition and health industry, driving brand awareness among key target audiences and to convert high impact coverage.

The Execution

To generate momentum ahead of launch, we created a series of engaging social media content for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter bringing to life the overarching challenge that informed the creative platform, teasing the narrative ‘Is this an impossible challenge.’ In tandem we developed a messaging house and executed four embargoed interviews with our top tier media targets, engaging the voices of key brand spokespeople to further enhance the messaging. On launch day, we engaged hundreds over journalists across the globe whilst launching a series of hero campaign content on social media.

The Results

Within the first week of launch, coverage was achieved in over 10 countries spanning the world’s largest markets, and four exclusive interviews with DSM executive stakeholders were published on launch day helping to further generate awareness and position DSM ANH as a leader in the space. A month after launch, coverage was garnered in nearly every market across the globe, resulting in millions of earned editorial and social impressions, nearly 6,000 new visits to the website and a 2.5x higher engagement and click through rate on the brands own social media channels than ever before.