Cirque Du Soleil

Promoting a Tour de Force

The Challenge

KWT Global was tasked with generating broad awareness to support ticket sales for Cirque du Soleil’s distinct shows (Alegría, Corteo, and Crystal) across five different markets in Ontario: Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, London and Hamilton. The challenge was to balance the renowned entertainment brand’s tried-and-true formula for its global premieres, with strategic and regionalized campaigns that demonstrated our knowledge of each market.

The Strategy

KWT developed a multilayered strategy, nuanced by each market, to “take over” the city. KWT integrated the Cirque brand with what locals love most about their city and its identity, from neighborhood businesses to iconic landmarks and popular tastemakers. Campaigns combined traditional PR, influencer campaigns and marketing initiatives to drive ticket sales and create buzz for the “must-see” show in town.

The Execution

KWT generated traditional media coverage through press conferences, the raising of the Big Top, behind-the-scenes tours and interactive segments with artists, rehearsal and wardrobe opportunities. Our team also hosted red carpet premieres, inviting an exclusive list of key media, influencers, celebrities and VIPs to take over social media feeds and generate buzz through word of mouth. These traditional tactics were complemented with B2C marketing initiatives, event activations and partnerships aligned with the brand.

The Results

The campaigns for Alegria, Corteo and Crystal were extremely successful, garnering over 220 million traditional and social media impressions. Ticket sales in Ottawa and Toronto exceeded targets, and sustained 90% capacity throughout the run.