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United Kingdom

Infusing humanity into the technology landscape.

The Challenge

As a dynamic IT services business that helps private and public sector organisations to generate lasting benefits through cutting-edge technology, CGI UK needs to consistently communicate the value of its often-complex technical solutions to a wide range of stakeholders in a compelling way.

The Strategy

A KWT client for over four years, we have transformed CGI’s UK communications from a reactive, product news-led tactical approach into a strategic, proactive thought leadership programme. Our campaign platform, The Human Impact of Technology, helps the business to deliver a clear and consistent message about how CGI’s technology positively impacts society, and this has been adopted at a local and global level.

The Results

Our Human Impact approach has enabled us to tell a compelling story to business audiences, resulting in consistently high quality national and trade coverage, as well as a 33% increase in overall year-on-year coverage volume. Over a quarter of all coverage now appears in ‘top tier’ priority publications, helping CGI to reach senior decision makers throughout the UK.