ALS Association

Real Voices Make a Real Difference

The Challenge

In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge became one of the most successful social impact programs in history – educating the masses on the effects of ALS and raising $115 million for research and a cure. After gaining widespread recognition, the next challenge was to keep the disease, and those impacted, top of mind. The ALS Association tasked KWT Global with reclaiming public interest and bringing renewed attention to the condition.

The Strategy

Ice Bucket Challenge founder Pat Quinn was diagnosed with ALS shortly after his 30th birthday and quickly became a voice for those who had lost precious motor skills due to their diagnosis. While continuing to champion the cause, Pat’s condition eventually prevented him from speaking. Enter Project Revoice, an initiative aimed to find new solutions for those suffering from illnesses that cause the loss of speech. Project Revoice set out to give Pat Quinn his own voice back long after he had lost the ability to verbally communicate, creating a digital clone of his voice utilizing interview recordings and speeches to populate a warehouse of personalized letters, words and phrases.

The Execution

Leveraging Pat’s renewed platform, KWT Global drove international media attention for ALS with top-tier reporters in the US, Canada and Australia, using every interview as an opportunity to showcase Pat’s story in his own words.

The Results

The program has garnered more than 900+ million impressions, 600+ media placements, 41+ million social engagements, inspired more than 500 new patients to bank their voice and resulted in countless contributions to the cause. Together, we’ve raised more than $89 million for ALS research since the Ice Bucket Challenge.