Staff Appreciation in Action

At KWT Global, we strive to help our clients be their best selves, and one of the ways we make this possible is by ensuring our staff feel appreciated, understood and therefore motivated to make this possible for our clients.

Many things set our culture apart from other agencies. Top of mind comes our year on year agency survey. Once a year we ask every employee to fill out an extensive questionnaire to strengthen our work environment. We take each piece of feedback to heart, implementing new process and activities that bolster our culture within the months following. For example, last year we had a drive for wellness. So naturally, we signed up for a corporate ClassPass membership. Needless to say, we’re not just ‘talk,’ we actually listen and apply the changes our staff desire.

We wanted to share a few other things that make us our best selves…

Tad Talks… taken from the inspirational Ted Talk forum (just a ‘tad’ shorter) every employee has the chance to present to the agency on a topic they are passionate or knowledgeable about. Not only does this allow everyone to share their story, but invites people to expand their creativity in a welcoming environment.

Purpose days… each employee has two purpose days a year where they are allowed to give back to their community or chosen charity. One of these days in conducted as a full team and the other day is completed as an individual. Purpose days are massively encouraged, and give KWT employees the chance to make a difference in a way that suits them best.

Summer Friday’s… throughout the entire summer, we shut things down early every Friday to allow staff the chance to kick off their weekend ahead of rush hour. In our mind, it would be silly to waste that precious sunshine on a Friday afternoon.

Flex working… at KWT Global, we treat everyone like adults (as ridiculous as that sounds). We understand that everyone has lives outside of work (how dare they), but when life gets in the way, that’s okay.

Regular socials… while trips to the pub are pretty common every Friday, we also host quarterly social events to celebrate our successes as a full team. This month KWT London went wine tasting. We like to have fun, and we’re always up for an adventure.

Knowledge Series… at least once per month, one member of KWT Global staff hosts a Knowledge Series as a way for employees to upskill and learn best practices to support their account work. These sessions are available cross-border, which emphasise our global working relationships.

Shout outs… we like to celebrate at KWT. Each Monday morning, we meet as a team and recognize one another for our efforts the week prior. Whether that be achieving killer coverage in a key title or providing support on a big pitch deck, we think it’s important to shout out to those who are smashing it.

Onboarding… here at KWT, we take pride in our custom onboarding process. We have developed a program for new starters to make sure everyone is on the right track from the moment they join us. We also like to have fun with this to make sure each new employee feels at home and welcomed from the start. And the career tracking does not stop here, because we also conduct annual reviews giving everyone the chance to revise and set new goals which support career development at KWT and beyond.