Reflecting on Brand on Purpose

Brand on Purpose has accomplished a lot since its inception. When I started this podcast, I envisioned it as a platform brands could use to showcase how their identities center around social purpose. I wanted it to be a show that uplifted the voices of leaders doing good. And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it to take off like it did.

Now, at the end of Season 3, I’ve had the privilege to speak to some of the most outstanding brands and leaders across industries and disciplines who have all expressed major recurring themes when it comes to being a purpose-driven company.

Brands like Intrepid Group, Pip and Nut, Ella’s Kitchen and B Lab have all highlighted the actionable benefits of becoming a Certified B Corp—a certification that holds companies to legal standards of social, environmental and ethical responsibility. (You can learn all about B Corps by listening to the Season 3 finale here or below.)

Meanwhile organizations and companies like the American Red Cross and Hazel Health are continuously thinking about their approach to providing medical aid and health care resources to the masses.

What connects these brands together is that all of them—from Oddbox to Percent Pledge—put purpose at the center of their work. Now more than ever we see the need for companies to be more than profit-making machines. People want humanity threaded into the marketplace. They want to feel seen, validated, and uplifted by the companies they patron. Moving forward, Brand on Purpose will continue to demonstrate how working toward a greater purpose unites us and inspires action. And we hope you’ll listen in.