Pro Bono Support for Nonprofits Addressing COVID-19

On March 12, KWT Global announced that with confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the rise, it is making its Special Situations/Crisis Communications team available to nonprofits in need of communications support on a pro bono basis. The agency will provide communications advice, guidance and content support on a first come, first served basis to help these organizations effectively communicate key health and safety messaging to critical stakeholders.

Effective immediately, our team of crisis specialists are available to help a nonprofit:

  • Determine what and when to communicate to key audiences
  • Share information about changing policies and procedures on events, meetings, travel and business continuity operations and best practices
  • Ensure consistency of information shared, both in content and tone, in a rapidly-changing situation
  • Build confidence among key audiences that the situation is being managed effectively
  • Prepare for media inquiries about impact on business operations and potential risk factors within the organization
  • Maintain personal privacy while supporting organizational and employee health

“We understand the challenges that many organizations, especially nonprofits, are facing in the wake of COVID-19,” said Aaron Kwittken, CEO, KWT Global. “Many of these organizations have limited resources and in-house capabilities to manage an unprecedented situation like COVID-19. As a purpose-driven agency, we feel compelled to offer our support to a nonprofit in need of communications services, from messaging guidance to determining the best ways to convey difficult decisions such as delays, closures or cancellations.”

For a nonprofit that needs immediate assistance, please contact sos@kwtglobal.com.

Via PR Newswire