How Covid-19 Shook the Consumer Mindset

Inevitably, people across the world are responding differently to life under lockdown. We’ve pressed play on a content series that explores the shifting mindset amongst six consumer groups. Read up on the ways in which brands can best communicate and market to a range of consumers globally during this time of uncertainty.

Across the world, we are all responding differently to life under lockdown and have developed new habits for work, travel and socialising, which are becoming new norms. In turn, this has meant that many companies have had to pivot, evolve and adapt. Given the world we now live in, one question many communication and marketing professionals want to know is which habits will stick, and which won’t?

To answer that, we need to understand our audience. As part of an ongoing content series, we’re taking a closer look at how people are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, to help brands better understand how they should connect and communicate with consumers based on insights from research and consultancy company, Kantar.

After an in-depth analysis of the wider UK demographic, six unique ‘packs’ based on people’s response to COVID-19, have been identified by evaluating their drive to stay up to date with COVID-related news, their overall degree of concern for the situation and how brands can best engage with them based on updated consumer insights.

Each pack sits at a different emotional stage, but throughout this series, we’ll break down each group and provide insight to creating a brand framework to build from and understand the tone and platform to engage, how a communication strategy should be tailored, and what experience to deliver. The six groups break down into:


10% of the population who are well-read up and not worried about the current situation. Click here to read our analysis.

24% of the population who tend not to be read up and are risk keen. Click here to read our analysis.

14% of the population who are read up on the news, but worried about the current situation so tend to follow the rules. Click here to read our analysis.

15% of the population are more focused on their health and staying healthy than what media or brands are saying. Click here to read our analysis.

21% of the population who are up to date on the news and while they’re less worried than most groups, they are following the rules strictly. Click here to read our analysis.

16% of the population who are the oldest generation and biggest concern is not being able to see people. Click here to read our analysis.