Podcast with a Purpose: Introducing Brand on Purpose

Today, I am proud to introduce Brand on Purpose, a new podcast that uncovers the untold stories behind companies that endeavor to serve the greater good. 

I believe that there is inherent value in a brand centering its identity around social purpose, and there are organizations out there making a difference through impactful social initiatives and programs. I created the podcast to showcase these unique initiatives and discuss with their leadership how this level of authentic engagement elevates their brands and the communities they serve.

Brand on Purpose is one of the few ways that I hope to continue raising awareness of the value of purpose-built culture in business. My Forbes column has allowed me to discuss brand purpose with some of the industry’s brightest creative minds, and was a key source of inspiration for this podcast. I’m also proud of the work that we’ve done at KWT Global to push our own purpose initiatives forward, such as offering pro-bono marketing communications support for our clients’ social causes, and giving our global staff members two “purpose days” a year to support their favorite causes. The ultimate goal of Brand on Purpose is to further demonstrate how working toward a greater purpose unites us and inspires action. 

We’ve got a lot of great conversations with senior leaders and architects from industry-leading companies and organizations coming up this season, including Lyft, IRONMAN Foundation, eBay, and Leesa Sleep. We’ll be releasing new episodes every Thursday, and you can follow along on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn and Stitcher. I hope these discussions are as inspiring to listen to as they were for me to facilitate. 

If you’re a purpose-driven brand interested in participating in a future episode, feel free to reach out at podcast@kwtglobal.com. We’d love to hear from and about you.