2021 Outlook: Three Questions on Home Design

Ed.’s note: Our agency leaders recently took a beat to ponder their beats. The following is a look back on the year that was in home design, and thoughts on what lies ahead for the industry in 2021.

What has this past, unprecedented year taught you as a communications professional most about the home design space?

Today, consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about style and home design and have an unprecedented level of accessibility to makers and ways to engage with and purchase their offerings. This trend skyrocketed in 2020 as people were forced to spend more time in their homes and began reevaluating how they wanted to style not only themselves, but the spaces they were living in 24-7.

It was important for brands to tap into this new found interest and passion through new and creative methods of communications. For an industry that thrived on in-person activations such as trade shows, show houses, collection launch events, etc., like most industries, the way the home design space approached major communication moments had to evolve. These changes have demonstrated not only our ability to push beyond the norm, but also better understand how these new methods and practices for driving awareness, accessibility and inclusivity can result in a plethora of new opportunities, especially as we enter a post-COVID world.    

What do you believe separated the struggling brands from the more resilient brands in home design during this past year and why? 

Beyond growing or evolving e-commerce platforms, brands that were able to quickly adapt their client services online were more likely to succeed during this difficult time. Especially within the home category, and more specifically for custom products, being able to continue to offer the same level of client services, whether it be a video consultation, virtual measurement appointment, or mailing out fabric samples, was crucial to keeping brands and their offerings accessible and relevant. 

What will be the biggest communication opportunities for home design brands in 2021 and why? 

With the increasing hunger for individuality, and as consumers become more and more discerning (sourcing unique and diverse products and building out a true sense of personal style that applies to every aspect of one’s life – whether it is their fashion sense, how they style interiors, how they approach cooking, etc.), brands that lean into this idea will be set up for success in 2021. Now more than ever, brands will need to look beyond the product, and consider how their purpose and ethos are authentically executed and communicated through every touchpoint of their customer experience.

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