How Covid-19 Shook the Consumer Mindset | Part 5

In the fifth segment of our series, we explore a new kettle of fish, the ‘Follow the Rules’ tribe who have been most isolated because of Covid-19 but are equipped to tackle the new normal with stride.

The previous four packs have consisted of a wide collection of generations and mindsets including Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X. Our fifth group, Follow the Rules, is a new kettle of fish. The second biggest pack after Ostriches, Follow the Rules are made up primarily of Baby Boomers (or Boomers as they’re often known), people born between 1944 – 1964. This more ‘mature’ generation is mildly concerned about the current climate, but also compliant and level-headed about following government advice and guidelines.

When considering the behaviours of this group, it’s important to note that in most cases those who sit under Follow the Rules are likely to have a family or grandchildren and in some cases parents who sit in the silent generation – those not often willing to speak up. To this pack, family and the lack of contact with them during lockdown (and beyond) causes the most distress. Despite the lack of physical connection with family, this pack is also health-conscious, which is why they tend to stick to the rules to avoid infecting loved ones.

The Follow the Rules group are also heading towards retirement. In most cases, this means they are more financially stable than other ages and less concerned about the financial impacts of the current climate. When reflecting on the emotional journey, this pack has bypassed shock and denial and are in the transition stage heading towards a new beginning. 

When applying these theories to communication and consumer messaging, it’s important to recognise that individuals in this pack are less familiar with modern social platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok, and more inclined to use traditional communication methods along with instant messaging such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. When it comes to consuming news, Follow the Rules people find information through newspapers, as well as platforms such as Facebook. When engaging with this audience, brands must use a tone that is authentic and familiar while considering the group’s specific experience. 

In our final blog, we examine the thoughts and behaviours of the sixth pack, Patiently Waiting, a pack who are even further along the emotional journey.