How Covid-19 Shook the Consumer Mindset | Part 4

In part 4 of our 6 series installment, we take a look at the ‘Troubled and Trusting’, a highly emotive population who are least likely to break rules as they focus on the health and safety of themselves and loved ones.

Our analysis of the Kantar consumer packs has taken us on a journey through the minds of some of the country’s most relaxed consumers, who have kept calm and carried on during this pandemic, but also those most affected by the change in pace of life. Allow us to introduce the next pack – Troubled and Trusting – who are just that, anxious about the safety of themselves and their families, so as a result lean heavily on the government to guide them through these challenging times. Interestingly, Gen X – which dominates this pack – were the only generation to fully restore their household wealth in the aftermath of the 2008 crash, which has perhaps fed into their willingness to trust authority and follow the rules. 

Because of their trust instilled in the government, this group are very likely to follow the rules set out and seek clarification regularly. Conflicting messaging created by relaxed lockdown measures, something Brits are familiar with following ambiguous governmental advice, can cause this pack to become even more anxious and as a result resort back to their own measure of safety.

As part of Gen X, this predominantly female pack who make up 15% of the population are highly emotive. To ease worry about safety, the Troubled and Trusting pack surround themselves with loved ones to allow for greater control. They cite concerns about the safety of others rather than themselves when asked about any reluctance to return to their pre-virus behaviour. 

Whilst they lend out support, they may not receive it themselves; the age and predominantly female makeup of this pack may mean they are being more adversely affected by issues such as childcare during lockdown. As a result, brands should look to champion empathy and be as clear and concise as possible whenever communicating with this pack as health and safety are of the utmost importance. A social platform such as Facebook, which the Troubled and Trusting pack use already to communicate with friends and family would be a place to start, whilst traditional media forms like radio are also a good way to reach them. They require some reassurance, but will respond well to emotional support and clear, factual information. 

We continue to see how consumers are responding to the pandemic, recognising more clearly the various emotions and behaviours that occur as a result. For a brand, analysing its target consumer with a fine-tooth comb has today become more important than ever for current and future success.

In our fifth blog of this content series, we will evaluate the Follow the Rules pack who are further along the emotional journey than some of the other groups. Stay tuned!