How Covid-19 Shook the Consumer Mindset | Part 2

In the second part of our series, we explore the carefree crew, otherwise known as the ‘Ostriches’ who are most eager to be connected with the outside world and let these new habits die hard.

As we know, many brands aim to reach Gen Z and Millennials because of their significant spending power. Following on from what we know about consumer spending habits, Kantar has labelled a core audience as Ostriches. Making up 24% of the population, they are a mix of Gen Z and Millennials, most often male. Key defining characteristics are that they are resistant to the idea of not being able to go out and socialise and are not engaged with the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as time goes on, the size of this group is shrinking as more information is disseminated.

This pack tends to not like being told what to do directly; being young and healthy they carry a feeling of invincibility. This means in relation to the wider population, Ostriches are less worried about the situation and seek updates less frequently than other packs.

Easing of restrictions and changes to lockdown in the UK have made Ostriches less worried. As people adjust to a new way of living and behaving, the desire to feel connected with the outside world and imagine future possibilities becomes even stronger. Ostriches will lead the way in determining a new normal and getting back to their lives. This means any brand looking to target this group should tailor their communications strategy appropriately.

Now more than ever, having a clear message that is informative and not overly opinionated is crucial. Equally, less is more as Ostriches are on a different emotional journey to other packs. For brands, this can make it challenging to define the right way to communicate. The best communication strategy to adopt is to engage directly, bringing the outside world inside without breaking the rules. Find a way to create normality amongst the abnormality – as much as it might seem like going in the wrong direction. 

Communication strategies need to focus on providing an escape: emotional freedom. This is all within the realms of maintaining wider brand credibility and not living in a complete bubble. Provide clear information to reduce and manage friction.

In our third blog of this series, we evaluate the Precarious Worriors. Stay tuned!