How Covid-19 Shook the Consumer Mindset | Part 1

In part 1 of our 6 part series, we journey into the world of the most digitally savvy group, the ‘Chilled and Compliant,’ who have taken social media by storm as a way to stretch their creative wings during this time of hardship.

The first pack, Chilled and Compliant, incorporates Gen Z, who are estimated to have a spending power of over $140 billion and Millennials, who have an estimated $1.4 trillion spend. These groups include students and those newer to the working world, some of whom may have temporarily moved back to their family home to find a sense of security (and a good meal, of course), or due to financial hardship. Prior to the pandemic, these groups were known to dominate the retail space, hence their spending power. Without question they would have been lined up at Primark on 15 July when the UK Government eased restrictions to allow non-essential shops to open. But, over two thirds of Millennials have seen their incomes reduced during the pandemic, so naturally spending habits have shifted. Even in tougher times, people in this category – 10% of the population – have an adaptable mindset and have become engaged with the new normal, according to Kantar. In fact, they are perhaps the most relaxed of all the packs.

Individuals in this pack are turning to digital platforms such as the ever-popular TikTok (where 60% of users are Gen Zers), Snapchat and Instagram to alleviate boredom and utilise their creativity, which is also a way for this pack to communicate with others, and a way for brands to communicate with them. The interactive element of these platforms is engaging, and creates a dialogue that is otherwise missing in the absence of real social scenarios. Almost overnight some users have seen an explosive growth on TikTok, in a way that is unparalleled on other social platforms. And as a result, platforms like TikTok open doors to new challenges which for Chilled and Compliant individuals is an essential way to ease uncertainty and help them move forward with business as usual – the ‘original norm’ they strive for.

These generations are also looking to be inspired, and are open to learning. However, the way brands engage needs to be on their terms and in their tone of voice. And no, that is not through traditional media but funny memes that create stand-out memories. In uncertain times, particularly with unemployment on the rise amongst Millennials as a result of the pandemic, there is an opportunity for brands to provide certainty and reassurance if done in the right way. So marketers and communications professionals… it looks like TikTok is your foot in the door!

In the following content series, we will evaluate the remaining five packs whilst highlighting the value these Kantar audience insights give us to brands and how they can support businesses to strive for success amongst these new norms. Next up, welcome the Ostriches.